About Us

 The Cutting Image

It all started with really wanting a Barbie when I was younger.  It was because I wanted the Barbie to braid her long hair.  I spent day after day braiding her hair, doing it in any way possible to be cute and different.  The difference back then and today is that we didn't have all the social media and apps that showed us how to do the different hair styles.  We had to make them up!
When I decided to go to hair school, I my oldest son was 3, I had finished College at BYU, and still felt a little lost in what I wanted to be when I "grew" up.  When I decided to go to hair school, I was terrified to tell my parents.  The words that came out of my mouth in some kind of way was..."Now that I am done with College, I am going to do what I really what to do!" 
I attended Dallas Roberts Academy here in Utah, and shortly after graduating the owners asked me to continue on teaching the girls at the school.  I fell in love with Cosmetology & Aesthetics.  
Over the many years doing hair and aesthetics, I have learned a lot and figured out some of the best items to use for your hair and skin.  Some of my favorite things also have to do with clothes.  Why wear something that makes you uncomfortable all day long? 
The Cutting Image will strive to bring you fun, spunk and comfort to your every day routine and leisure through products you will absolutely love!